drop [dräp]
[ME drope < OE dropa, akin to ON drūpa, DROOP, Ger triefen: for IE base see DRIP]
1. a small quantity of liquid that is somewhat spherical, as when falling
2. a very small quantity of liquid
3. [pl.] liquid medicine taken or applied in drops
4. a very small quantity of anything
5. a thing like a drop in shape or size, as a pendent earring or a small piece of candy
6. the act or fact of dropping; a fall, descent, slump, or decrease [a drop in prices]
7. the dropping of troops or supplies by parachute; airdrop
8. anything that drops or is used for dropping or covering something, as a drop curtain or piece of theater scenery, a drop hammer, or a trapdoor
9. a receptacle or slot into which something is dropped
10. the distance between a higher and lower level; distance through which anything falls or sinks
11. Slang
a) a clandestine place or person that is used for depositing or holding messages, something stolen or illegal, etc.
b) a deposit made in such a place or with such a person
dropped, dropping
1. to fall in drops
2. to fall; come down
3. to fall exhausted, wounded, or dead
4. to pass into a specified state, esp. into a less active or less desirable one [to drop off to sleep]
5. to come to an end or to nothing [to let a matter drop]
6. to become lower or less, as temperatures, prices, etc.
7. to move down with a current of water or air
1. to let or make fall; release hold of
2. to give birth to: said of animals
3. to utter (a suggestion, hint, etc.) casually
4. to send (a letter)
5. to cause to fall, as by wounding, killing, or hitting
a) to stop, end, or have done with
b) to dismiss
7. to make lower or less; lower or lessen
8. to make (the voice) less loud
9. to drop (troops or supplies) by parachute; airdrop
a) to omit (a letter or sound) in a word
b) to cut out; remove; omit [she dropped a chapter when she rewrote the book]
11. Informal to leave (a person or thing) at a specified place: often with off
12. Slang
a) to lose (money or a game)
b) to spend (money)
13. Slang to take (a hallucinogenic drug, barbiturate, etc.) orally
a drop in the bucket
Informal an insufficient or trifling amount
☆ at the drop of a hat
immediately; at the slightest provocation
drop back
1. to move back; retreat
drop behind
to be outdistanced; fall behind
drop in or drop over or drop by
to pay a casual or unexpected visit
drop off
1. to become fewer or less; decline; decrease
2. Informal to fall asleep
drop out
to stop being a member or participant
☆ get the drop on or have the drop on
1. to draw and aim one's gun at (another) more quickly than the person can draw and aim at one
2. to get (or have) any advantage over

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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